Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

Return to Full, In-Person Education

Holy Ghost Prep's campus and all facilities are open, but we have made some changes to keep our students, faculty and staff safe. Being in school has vital social-emotional benefits and we know that education is best when it is in-person. Holy Ghost Prep has created this page to be a resource to the HGP community during this pandemic. One positive by-product of these unprecedented times is that it is forced us as a Holy Ghost Prep team to rethink how we do things and to simply find a way to accomplish things in a different manner, whether that's meant having a virtual school play this fall on our Cornwells Hall lawn to holding our November 2020 Ring Mass outdoors.

We have shown that we can do in-person education safely, and we are all in this together. In order for our plans to be successful, we need everyone to:

  • Complete the daily wellness check
  • Always mask up and social distance per our campus expectations
  • Realize that what they do away from campus impacts everyone on campus

Here are some of the ways that our health and safety plans—which have been reviewed and approved by Philadelphia infectious disease expert Dr. Ronald Goren—will work to keep our students socially distanced during key points on the school day:

  • Classes: Our classes are closely following the protocols recommended by our health and safety experts. Some classrooms have been moved to larger spaces (i.e. Holt Center, Frederico Theater, Di Paolo Gymnasium) to easily accommodate desks six-feet apart. Plexiglas dividers have also been installed in some locations where extra protection seemed necessary.
  • Lunch: The addition of the Firebird Fieldhouse and the alterations made to the library during Christmas break have significantly increased the amount of space we have available for lunch periods. Lunch locations will be assigned (dining hall, library, gym) to each student to ensure students are remaining socially distant.  Faculty and administrators will be assigned daily lunch monitoring duties to ensure the students’ compliance with our safety protocols.
  • Break: The third period break period will be 15 minutes in duration (9:45-10 a.m.) rather than the 30-minute length that it has been in previous school years. Faculty members and school administrators will be share break duties to ensure that our students remain six-feet apart and wear masks during breaks to ensure their health and safety.
  • End of the School Day: At the end of the school day, teachers will stagger the release times from the last class of the day in order to limit the amount of traffic in hallways. In addition, the students will remain masked while indoors during the change of classes.

Click here to view the HGP COVID-19 Policies and Recommendations.

Bucks County is offering free COVID-19 tests for Children who have exhibited symptoms for at least 24 hours.  Click here for more info.

Rite Aid offers free drive-thru testing in partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services.  Click here for more info.

The Bucks County Department of Health has created this tool to help families find testing locations.

As a school, we believe that having as many students vaccinated as possible would add to our ability to continue in-person learning and events. Families are encouraged to schedule a vaccine appointment for your sons on your county's Department of Health website. For instance, students who live in Bucks County can make an appointment by clicking here.
Please take a picture of the completed vaccination card and send it to school nurse Ann Bushek at, so she can add it to your son's other vaccination records.