Mission Statement

The mission of the Development Office is to enrich the lives and experiences of the Holy Ghost Prep community of students, alumni, parents and friends by securing the financial resources for both short and long-term school priorities. Guided by the mission of the school, we achieve this objective by fostering meaningful and impactful relationships that invite our community to engage in our development efforts. 


Core Values

Collaboration and Excellence

By working together with all Holy Ghost Prep stakeholders, we promote a culture of engagement that welcomes leadership and volunteer opportunities at the highest level of professional excellence. 

Integrity and Transparency

We remain true to our Spiritan mission of forming young men morally, intellectually, and spiritually. A commitment to transparency and proper stewardship of all gift donations and donor requests. 

Gratitude and Enthusiasm 

Grateful for the commitment and sacrifice of the Holy Ghost Prep community, we carry ourselves in a positive and welcoming manner seeking out opportunities to improve on our performance and solve challenges as they arise.